Monday, June 28, 2010

Taking a packing break...

We've been packing like crazy today. Okay, Daniel has. I took the kids to the library this morning and then went to lunch with some friends this afternoon. But I worked really hard yesterday and have packed several boxes since I got home. Anyway, the kids and Daniel are outside for now, so I thought I would take advantage of the quiet and take a quick break.
I have several pictures that I've been wanting to share, but none that really warrant their own post, so I'm just going to lump them all together here.

A couple of week ago while we were in McAlester, Cheyenne asked Daniel to take them to look for arrowheads. The arrowhead hunting only lasted a little while before they found something better-crawdads! They came back with several of them in a bottle. They had a great time watching the crawdads. One even escaped a couple of times when no one was looking. Thank goodness we found him!

This little snail was a lot of fun to watch too.
The kids, including my BIG kid, also had fun trying out Grandpa's new toy that weekend. They loved it!

That was the weekend that Sierra left to go on vacation with Grandma Debbie. After Sierra and Grandma left, I took the big girls to the cemetery with me to see Pawpaw's (my dad's) headstone. It was still decorated from memorial day and it looked really pretty. I felt so much better with the stone there than the temporary marker. The girls picked out the hanging plant and the wooden cross to take with us. Sierra and Landon went with us to see it when we visited for Father's Day.

Landon has been asking and asking to drive the "lizard truck" every time we go to Grandma Debbie's, but we kept forgetting to put it on the charger for him. We finally remembered Father's Day weekend and he got to drive it a couple of times. He was pretty happy about that.

Well, it's back to packing. We're supposed to leave sometime tomorrow and right now it looks like a train wreck in here. I'm thinking that shoveling it all into the garbage might be the fastest way to get the job done! Hope everyone else is having a restful Monday.

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It is the cutest blog on the block, I love the pictures and the vids!