Friday, June 4, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

Our life has been a little less than exciting this week. Mostly, we have been cleaning and doing laundry trying to get ready to pack up and move in a few weeks. Here are seven of the less boring moments of our week.

1)Monday morning we headed out on our first adventure to the duck pond. We spent about an hour feeding the ducks and fish and walking around the OSU campus. It was a pretty good way to start the week. I posted pictures of our adventure here.

2)On the way home from the duck pond, one of the kids asked why we didn't go to the library (Monday is story time. Landon and I have been going every week for a couple of months). I explained that it was Memorial Day and the library was closed. A discussion began about Memorial Day as we drove home. On our way, we came upon a cemetery and the kids asked about all the flags. I decided to take a detour and drive through the cemetery so they could get a better look. I greatly underestimated how many people would be there. It was kind of tricky to navigate the narrow roads with all the cars. At one point, we tried to pass by a car that was parked half on and half off the road. Forgetting that it had rained the night before, I tried to go around. We didn't make it. Since we were on a hill, I decided that I could back down and go a different way. I asked Dakota and Cheyenne to look out their windows and let me know if I was on the road or grass. They both kept saying "You're on the road." I kept going only to feel my wheels start to spin again. They had both been looking straight out the back window rather than their sides! We were stuck! People were starting to notice us there and I didn't want to cause a scene, so the kids and I got out and started walking around like that was our plan all along. Ha! We spent 30 minutes or so looking around and talking. Finally, the other people cleared out and I decided to try it again. I had to work at it for a little while, but I finally got us out! I felt really bad about the muddy tire tracks I left, but I was so happy not to have to call my husband for help!
These things only happen to me!

3)Once we finally got our van out of the mud, I had to take the long way out of the cemetery to avoid anymore cars parked on the road. As we were driving, we found the "Angel's Garden", a place reserved for angel babies. I was blessed to be able to visit baby A. I worked with her mom when I taught at the girls' school. We weren't able to make the trip to visit my dad for Memorial Day. Visiting baby A. at least gave me some time to stop and reflect. It was a nice surprise.

4)Cheyenne had a double-header last night. I think her team slept through the first game. Lucky for them the other team wasn't on top of their game either, so they only lost 2-1. We had about 1 1/2 hours between games, so we grabbed some dinner at McDonald's before heading back to the ballpark. When we got there, some of girls from the team and some other kids were playing an impromptu game on an empty field. Cheyenne joined them and they played for about 30 minutes. I really thought they would wear themselves out before their game started, but it was just the opposite. They were all fired up when they came back to play! They ended up winning the second game 7-0! Go Thunder!

5)The first time Cheyenne got up to bat during the second game, she took a pitch to the shin. It was hard enough that I heard it hit her from where I was sitting. I was so proud of her though! She trotted off to first base like it was nothing and she actually ended up scoring later on. During the next inning I overheard her telling one of her teammates "it even left a mark." Of course, it was a different story when we got home. She told Daniel "Look, daddy. I got hit with the ball," complete with pouty face, dramatic sniff, and having to sit down because it hurt so bad. Ha! She knows where to go for sympathy.

6)I have a mystery in my house. I am trying to figure out where all the kids' clothes go between when I wash them and have the kids put them away and when they go to get dressed. I have spent this whole week doing load after load of laundry. Yet, when I went to my kids' closets to get clothes for our trip to McAlester this weekend, no one had anything to wear. Then I noticed that all of the laundry bags are full again. Surely, my angels would not be putting clean clothes back into the dirty laundry rather than putting it away, would they? We will soon find out.

7)Today is one of those days when I'm not so sure I like living in the country. This morning, Landon and Sierra were squealing about finding a daddy longlegs. We don't usually see those around here, so I went to investigate. What I found was not a daddy longlegs, but a fiddleback! I kind of freaked out. We captured it in a jar and I looked it up online to be sure. Then we looked up daddy longlegs to make sure the kids could see the difference.
Later, I sent Cheyenne out to get something from the van and she came back yelling about a snake under the van. I went out and looked, but didn't find anything. Hopefully that is our last critter sighting of the day.

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Coby said...

Hi Tiffany! Thanks for vising my blog!

Uhm, yeah...spiders? I don't do bugs very well. I live in the city, in the desert, and we still get spiders. Last summer we had 2 HUGE wolf spiders sprinting across our floors. I swear the thing waved at me as it ran by! And we take a vacation to Colorado every the forest...with "foresty" spiders. I always find them on the ceiling over my bed at bedtime. It takes me quite awhile to fall asleep!