Thursday, April 28, 2011

Better late than never-Happy Birthday Dakota

I've posted bits and pieces the last couple of weeks about Dakota's birthday, but I think it's time to give it a post of it's own. Wow-13!

We started off the day with her special breakfast request, lemon-poppy seed muffins. Yum! From there, we started our looong journey to the Oklahoma Aquarium, making several stops along the way.

The girls had been to the aquarium one time before with Pawpaw and Sierra went there about this time last year with her Kindergarten class, but this was my first time. I can't wait to go back! We got a membership, so I'm sure it won't be too long.

I was definitely lacking in photography skills that day, but I'll share the pictures anyway.

The night before, Dakota had said that her goal was to read EVERYTHING they had posted about each exhibit. She got through about 1/2 of it I think. :)

One of the best things at the aquarium is that they let you touch lots of animals! The first touching area had starfish, shrimp,
and horseshoe crabs.
The Oklahoma exhibit was pretty cool. There were some animals in there that I never even knew we had in Oklahoma.
There was a guide here talking to the kids about the mammals in the exhibit. They had beavers, otters, and raccoons. Unfortunately for us, they all decided to take a nap while we were there.
I have no idea what exhibit this is, but I really like the picture.
We got to touch a sea cucumber. They are really squishy. Ewwwwwww! But still cool. (I love the look on Dakota's face)
The sting rays weremy favorite part! First, there was an exhibit where you could feed them. They were "full" when we got there, so we just watched them. Still cool.

Yes, that's me. Blah.

Next, was the touching tank. There were also bamboo sharks to touch. Never thought I'd be able to say I had touched a shark. I love this picture! Landon couldn't get enough of the sting rays. There were a few times I really thought he was going to fall in. He and Daniel had to go into the restroom and dry his shirt with the hand dryer when we were finished.

We attempted to get a group picture of the kids. You can see how that went.

The shark exhibit was pretty neat, but not my favorite. You can go into the tunnel and the sharks swim all around you and even over your head. NO THANK YOU! Sharks are cool to watch on TV, but I don't ever want to be surrounded by them, even if they are behind glass. No scuba diving for me, thanks. I got out of the tunnel as soon as I could.
After the aquarium, we had an early dinner at Zio's, then made the trip back home for presents and cake.

This was her best present of the night.
Saturday afternoon, we had family over to celebrate with us. There was more cake, presents,

and cash (I may have to ask her for a loan).

It was a great weekend!

Happy 13th Birthday, Dakota! I love you!


aimee said...

Happy birthday Dakota! I gave you an award because you so deserved it. Please come to my blog to claim it. Thank you!

Rachel said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday!!!