Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Got Candy?

Remember that stash of Halloween candy I talked about in this post? The one my kids think they need to raid every day after lunch? Well, lately it has been slim pickins in there. Mostly dumdum suckers, some random hard candies, and gum.

But don't worry. This happens every year about this time. Just when it looks like there's no chocolate in sight, Easter comes around. My kids usually hunt eggs at least twice and load up on all sorts of yummy things. Just in time to restock the candy basket. So now it looks like this

Let me tell you, there's all kinds of deliciousness in there now. The chocolate will be the first to go. Well, not all of it. We usually have this stuff left once all of the "good" chocolate is gone.
Not to say that we won't eat these if we need a piece of chocolate bad enough, but they are always the last to go. But this year, I think I've found a way to get my kids to eat these first-and love them-chocolate chip pancakes!
First, you unwrap a bunch (in Oklahoma that's the way we measure things) of them and put them in a snack sized zippie bag. Next, you pound them with the side of a meat tenderizer (I don't recommend trying to hold the bag in place with your hand during this step. I do recommend putting a paper plate underneath to catch the crumbs when the bag breaks). Then, you mix together some biscuit mix, milk, and eggs in a bowl, throw the candy pieces in, and stir it all together so it looks like this
Cook in a very hot skillet, turning it once the bubbles on the surface start to pop. They will look something like this
Serve with butter and syrup (and lots of milk) to some kids with serious bed head issues.

And there you have it. You get rid of the not-so-good chocolate and have a yummy breakfast at the same time.
Dakota liked them too, although she didn't really want me to take her picture. She tends to avoid my camera when she thinks my blog or facebook might be involved (can't imagine why). In fact, she said she liked these even better than the ones we make sometimes with regular chocolate chips.
Here's what Landon thought of my pancakes
I think I may still get that Mom of the Year award after all.

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